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rhys & katy

A Peachy Keen Union ceremony out in Nelson's Landing, vintage car, beautiful dried flower bouquet all the way from Wales... and a  gorgeous day with two lovebirds. 

matt & peggy sue

Peggy Sue Winters and Matt Tan got married downtown Las Vegas and we toured the streets shooting their newlywed portraits! I love this shoot.

joe & elizabeth

Viva Las Vegas marriage and a tour of the city, with a new tattoo and a surprise vintage ride pick me up all the way out to the dry lake beds for sunset.  

chris & angela

A Sunset Dry Lake Bed Flora Pop Elopement with a beautiful fall sun glow!  

kyle & natalie

A Big Bear Lake Arrowhead wedding in the woods with a bohemian and wild aesthetic, I love this couples idea of love! Rose quartz, smoke bombs!

Oliver & reanna

A gorgeous Neon Museum tour, some downtown shots with smoke bombs & a gorgeous elopement out at the Dry Lakes with a tropical bouquet from Flora Pop! 

colin & rebecca

Nelson's Landing Elopement with Flora Pop and a stormy sky with a vintage car, vintage wedding dress and a gorgeous blue suit. 

Bryant & zoey

Peachy Keen Union Wedding out at the Dry Lakes with aerial shots, a downtown tour and a beautiful vintage convertible. 


reynaldo & alejandra

One of my favorites Downtown Elopement Portrait sessions.   


kyle & shannon

A flooded dry lake bed elopement?! I have never seen such a beautiful sunset, smoke bombs and a gorgeous bouquet from Flora Pop.