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Well, congrats for getting this far! Thank you for reaching out to me on the process of your exciting big day. I am honored to be thought of. I know how much work goes into preparing (even addition to traveling) so let me help you find you in what would best be to document your time with me!

With most elopements, I drive you guys to different locations to get the shots. Most elopements are the couple themselves for most of the time after or before the ceremony, to ensure quality time with me (and more importantly yourselves) to get those intimate, special moments (while drinking whiskey). 

35% retainer fee on all packages to hold the date

[ when available additional photos are taken with film ]

[when applicable in 6+ hour packages a second shooter is with me]


2 hour minimum / $1090

You will receive all images edited, high resolution photographs that are taken with RAW format (the largest process of photos, so your images have a lot of data for printing needs) You receive all images digitally within 2-3 weeks with sneak peeks to show your loved ones! Most asked question on this is how many images would you receive? Roughly 220-350 images of candid portraits, detail shots, landscapes, etc. with the 2 hour minimum, and it goes up from there. 

3 hours / $1380 (most popular) 

4 hours /$1840

6 hours / $2760

Most 'traditional' weddings are in this bracket of 6 hours+. This is time for getting ready shots, ceremony to reception. You will receive all images edited within 6 weeks after your ceremony. Wedding photography when needed, will have 2 shooters. All images are ready to print and you will receive all images digitally. Candids, landscapes and portraits are ideal using multiple different lenses to ensure a quality textural story. 

8 hours / $3680     10 hours / $4600 


Lets make magic in the middle of the desert, barefoot with some champagne. 

(meet ya there.)


refferals: hair, makeup, flowers & vintage car

 Downtown Las Vegas Spring Wedding up do by  Ashley Layton

Downtown Las Vegas Spring Wedding up do by Ashley Layton

Hair stylist Ashley

She's my gal! A creative Session Stylist who also adores being the one to make our brides feel at ease, comfortable, and while the way making you look exactly how you see fit. Not only do I love Ashley's effortless work (and her name.) I love how she makes you feel like you're hanging out with a bestie. 

 Art District with a natural glow before her I do's by  Briseida Rubio

Art District with a natural glow before her I do's by Briseida Rubio

makeup artist Briseida

The one makeup artist I would trust to put makeup on myself for any occasion. Briseida is a natural when it comes to makeup, she's a constant work horse and always on time. I love her simplicity, her blend of colors and she makes you feel amazing no matter if you're looking for winged eyeliner, or no eyeliner and just blush. 

 Vintage Cars by Danny

Vintage Cars by Danny

Vintage car pick up

Get picked up in a vintage vehicle, you have some hot ones to choose from, and get driven to your location(s) desired while having a shoot using the vintage amazing prop!