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What's up with all of this? 

Well, first off: HI! It has been a long run (maybe) for you guys to even be here, looking at my site (eeps!) having a lifetime already of the two of you: whoever you are in this vast, ginormous yet small World... Welcome! 

You might already have paw'd children or real kids... you might be renewing love, fresh at love, or even those who have been high school sweethearts and you're finally here: to show the World and most importantly, yourselves, the true companionship of forever. You're researching and dedicating lots of time on finding the perfect match to document the two of you & rest assured, count me in to do just that.

Life is just too short to not dance barefoot, champagne in hand with the ONE you LOVE in the middle of a new adventure. 

(meet ya there.)

few of my favorite things...

Who is Ashley Marie Myers?

This is Andrea (on left) and me in Rome August 2017 <3 xoxo

This is Andrea (on left) and me in Rome August 2017 <3 xoxo

Hmmm... I am not one for center attention unless you know me pretty well, I will serenade you with your own song & dance. Believe you me, I grew up in the entertainment industry always cowering away from the attention (?) no one really understands this when I say I hated it but... eh, you don't know unless you know. 

I believe in the power of Truth and once Truth is absorbed, its really hard to undo the master of the Universe & its capabilities of teaching us our own truths. 

I have a loud laugh, probably would rather be barefoot & come from a humble background from Sunny San Diego, CA. I lived in Tokyo when I was 15, since then never had this travel bug out of my system. In fact, I probably just got back from a trip while you're reading this. 

Camping, yep. Stars & Astrology, check. Weird palm readings while drunk, I have done that. I just turned 32 and will have a 3 year anniversary as my own boss (hell yeah) and have learned so much before I started this business and so much more while doing it. 

I love my essential oils, early mornings to myself & an open road with the windows down and the music up. 

My trips this year so far were Germany, Austria, Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Stockholm! Find me next in Rome, Greece & Brussels with touring musician and style blogger Andrea Whitt.

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