Awakening Mother Earth / Water / Mandy

awakening mother earth project by ashley marie

It had been awhile since I last could work on my personal Project 'Awakening Mother Earth'. It has been so long since I have had this feeling within me that inspires myself, to do more. The awakening we have within in our life, this growth of spiritual evolution is where we have been for quite sometime but now, more than ever, there are more people being enlightened by the strength, the depth, the unconditional love that this Earth has to offer us. 

Awakening Mother Earth puts women in each of the Earth elements to promote that your World truly starts from within. The elements we carry are here to help us ignite, grow, cleanse and find security. Water being the first element is of no surprise. Water is our abundant element that continues to help cleanse us, daily. Water is the beginning of it all: to brush off the layers of our shell and to find the purity of our own being in whatever state that may be... without judgment. This element allows us to begin the journey into our selves to love ourselves unconditionally. To begin a life of depth, to begin the journey of enlightenment. 

This is Mandy, a beautiful exuberant soul who met me at the waters edge where we drank coffee and talked about life. I photographed her in her purest and gracious form and am so thankful. 


awakening mother earth project by ashley marie myers

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