Photo shoot guide

Understanding a little bit more about what to expect & frequently asked questions!

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What do expect

Everyday and every shoot is different (of course!) but there is an equation to making a photo magic. There are tools that you and I can both be prepared with to ensure an overall successful shoot together!

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the love of natural light

To me, it’s all about that sun and natural glow. It also is about that rainy cloudy day that has zero sun. Moody comes from the ability to chase the light, or the lack thereof, and make it dreamy.

Most shoots are structured around the sun rising or setting!


being open to different ideas

Keeping an open mind to direction is key. You might feel awkward or unsure about what you are doing but don’t try to always understand what I am trying to capture and just relax and trust in me.

Being open to different ideas leads to creative and beautiful imagery. Also, images are taken in different ways because I have an idea on how they will be edited. I might only be focused on your shoe in the sun while your body is in the shadows.


Elopements (intimate small group)

With a minimum of a two hour + elopement you can ride with me! (which usually happens). I can pick you up from wherever and we can venture off to the site(s) that you and I have previously spoke about. I try to keep all shoots fresh on locations. You can give me an idea on what you are looking for and we might see something amazing along the way!

35% to hold the date, rest due day of. All images edited and given to you within 3 weeks. SNEAK PEEKS the following day!

Weddings (6+ hours larger group & Venue)

A typical wedding starts at 6+ hours. Getting ready photos, ceremony to reception is what I would encompass as a ‘wedding’. Most weddings have me and and assistant.

35% to hold the date, rest due day of. All images edited and given to you within 5 weeks. SNEAK PEEKS the following day!

The ease of being yourself!

The question “what do you want me to do now?” leads to so much anxiety. Posing or making a great image isn’t about pulling tricks out of my hat. I totally understand that pressure of photos is a thing, believe you me I hate my photo taken.

Breathe, be you. Twirl in a circle, who cares. There is nothing you can do wrong in an image except not being yourself and letting go.

Throw out the idea of posing and just be. Yes I pose people all the time! I make it seem effortless and you have to be you in order for me to capture just that. You have to remember, it’s only a photo. ;)

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Product & Placement

You’ll receive roughly 100 images from a typical portrait session of 2 looks. You will receive over 300 images from a typical two hour elopement session. All images are edited and given to you within 3 weeks. All images are given to you with the right to print.

Everything is downloadable straight to your computer using an online portfolio.


With a set idea for the shoot, a styled wardrobe, hair and makeup we set up a place for the most ideal shoot to get creative and weird!

You will receive all images edited, high resolution photos for printing needs! I work with creatives all the time, and it’s my favorite. I ask for a signed contract and all payment due day of.