Hey there.

I am by all accounts easy-going. I have made it through 3 and 1/2 years as my own boss, photographing for beautiful couples and brands such as yourself. I assume you are looking through my site, getting this far to get to know me a tad bit better & I am by no means the best person to ask to indulge in telling you about me

Living in L.A when I was 19 I started documenting people on the street, through film photography. I loved the essence of being a voyeur and much as I can, you see it through my work today. I love taking in the moment and allowing the essence of the day to just be. 

Having traveled internationally for modeling since 15 y/o I have a bug that likes to see the World. And also from this, being on the other side of the camera for so long, I have a keen sense of direction & making you feel at ease. 

I have gotten lucky to have clients fly me around the World, which travel is my best me-my happy time! I love being lost in a new city and especially lost in the wilderness.. 

My drive is happiness, excitement & spontaneity. My heart is in Italy but my soul resides in Lake Tahoe. 

some brands I've worked w/ or places seen

  • Free People           Basic Invite          Rock'n Roll Bride
  • Setara Jewelry        Boho Bunnie      
  • Jennafer Gracious        Space Cowboys NYC
  • Decoded Bags          Mysterium Tremens
  • Boho Lizzy            Flores Lane Candles
  • Robert Warner Leather       GM Studio LA
  • Tease Lux Lingerie