Ashley Marie 

Hi. I am Ashley, a down to Earth tall, loud laugh, Ashley. I am always traveling & this year so far have 2 international destination weddings including very fun domestic USA weddings taking me to places I have yet to travel to! Being lost in a new place is my favorite thing, especially alone. So my 2018 is starting out pretty amazing I'd say. 

I come from a spiritualist family of energy readings, palm readings... mediations & yoga. I grew up humble in the desert after moving from Sunny San Diego and seem to always find myself back here after living in places like Japan, New York & L.A. 

Coming from a professional background of dance and modeling definitely got me into photography & having these experiences from another angle in the field of editorial work or lifestyle photography, it gives me an upside to helping my subjects feel at ease, in their natural happiness without posing... no posing. 

What is Lifestyle Photography... 

I aim to capture portrait & people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. My primary goal is to tell stories about your life or to inspire people through your stories how we are all interconnected, related. 

I am very easy to work with. I admire from afar but also in my own quiet and humble way give you tips on how to pose to it looks effortless, natural and fluid. 

Reach out to me, let me know how I can document your love story, your brand, your vision. 

some of my favorite film photos....