Why hello there. I am Ashley Marie

Andrea Whitt & me (right) in Rome. 

Andrea Whitt & me (right) in Rome. 

Being lost in a city / wilderness is my jam.

I grew up humble, barefoot & silly from the sunny side of life in San Diego (and some things never change). I lived in Tokyo when I was 15 and ever since, couldn't find myself not traveling for the life of me. This year so far I have been to Germany, Austria, Copenhagen, Sweden, Greece, Italy... to name a few. I love film and have shared with you a few of my travels on this page only using 35mm film photos.  

Camping, always. Stars & Astrology, check. Weird palm readings while drunk, I have done that. I just turned 32 and will have a 3 year anniversary as my own boss (hell yeah) and have learned so much before I started this business and so much more while doing it. 

What is Lifestyle Photography?

I photograph in the moment and posed shots to look organic but more often, see you as I see the World: changing, moving... real. Real stories and real events. I photograph you easily, hanging out like a friend, and I do so without you even noticing I am doing it!

35mm film photos of my travels