Why hello there. 

It's hard to write this mini bio without it sounding like I am on a dating site...

Being lost in a city / wilderness is my jam. If I haven't traveled in a month, I feel like a claustrophobic basket case. 

I am always laughing, reading up on the planet, pondering the stars & life... I grew up humble, barefoot and silly in San Diego and moved to the desert when I was 9. I love to people watch! I find it the best pastime a girl could ask for is sitting around debating about ghosts and religion. 

I'm a fiery sign of Aries with a constant head in the game and heart in my passion. 

What is Lifestyle Photography?

I photograph in the moment and posed shots to look organic but more often, see you as I see the World: changing, moving... real. Real stories and real events. I photograph you easily, hanging out like a friend, and I do so without you even noticing I am doing it!

some of my favorite film photos....