Sequoia National Park, Light Play July 4th, 2016 

Sequoia National Park, Light Play July 4th, 2016 


lifestyle photographer......

I aim to capture portrait & people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. My primary goal is to tell stories about your life or to inspire people through your stories how we are all interconnected, related. 

I am very easy to work with. I admire from afar but also in my own quiet and humble way give you tips on how to pose to it looks effortless, natural and fluid. 

I love to laugh, I love rose gold, denim & my Beagle, Josephine. If I am not working I am traveling; being on the open road with the music up is bound to be my favorite thing along with being lost in a new city. 

Reach out to me, let me know how I can document your love story, your brand, your vision. 

Communication was brilliant, We contacted Ashley with a bit of an idea of locations and a date and she came straight back to us with all the info and ideas on how to make it all work which was amazing as we had never been to Las Vegas before. She gave us recommendations for makeup, cars and locations and was so open and understanding of our ideas and vision. It all played out exactly how we wanted and was so stress free, which was awesome considering we were planning it from the other side of the world!
— Oliver & Reanna Elopement

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